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Is the unique name of your web resource. We can registrate domaine in different available zones.

Features of domain zones
Domain .MD
.md domain is used by Moldavian users, medical, pharmaceutical, and treatment institutions. This zone was founded in 1994 and now is presented by Moldavian companies, governmental organizations and private persons.
Domain .RU
Russian national domain zone founded in 1994. It is popular between speaker of Russian language. More than 5 million companies are registered in this zone. We recommend to use it for those who focus on Russian native speakers or citizens of Russia.
Domain .COM
.com domain was founded in 1985 for commercial organizations. Today this zone is used without any restrictions. Moldavian websites use this domain to focus on international market and usually present information on several languages.
Domain .ORG
.org domain was founded also in 1985 for organizations that had not opportunities to use the .com or .net domains. Today this domain is used by noncommercial organizations, foundations and science unities.
Domain .BIZ
.biz domain was founded in 2001 with the purpose to make an alternative version of over-saturated .com domain. This domain is mainly used by commercial organizations for representing its' activities but not for advertising the service.
Domain .MOBI
.mobi domain was founded in 2006 as a result of mobile operators activities. Is used mainly for WAP - sites focused on the users of mobile devices, entertainment and news portals.
Domain .NAME
.name domain was founded in 2001 for personal visiting card sites. Usually it is used by private persons. Initially it was available for the third level but from 2004 this restriction had been changed.
Domain .US
.us domain is the national domain zone of USA. It was founded in 1994 and is one of the first introduced domains. US domain is used only by citizens and residents of the USA. Also it is used by organizations that make activities and have main office in United States.
Domain .NET
.net was founded in 1985 for organizations implicated in developing of worldwide web and informational technologies. Over time all another types of resources have got the right to register in this zone. Russian speakers use this domain for special purpose to include the word "net" ( "no" in Russian) in the name of website.
Domain .SU
.su is the national domain of Soviet Union. Is used today despite the fact that it was closed between 1994 and 2002. The websites from this zone represent one of former Soviet Union republics and are focused on the users of former USSR.
Expert's opinion:

From SEO point of view the choice of better domains should include the next features: 1 It should be short (  It'll be perfect if you put the key-word into the website name); 2  It should represent the main activities of the company; 3 No abbreviations allowed ( Exception - If your company is a worldwide brand); 4  Initially, it should correspond it's domain zone. Also, if you are planning to promote your business abroad, use the domain  zones  .COM, .ORG, .NET. Pay attention that promotion in these zones needs more time due to high competition.  

ElenaHead of Department of website promotion

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