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Banner advertising on the Internet is primarily a tool for image advertising. This is facilitated by the placed context-media in the Internet Network, banners for the site. The relationship is simple: the user of the Internet, saw a banner for the site, and if he caught his attention, then either now or in the future, with a probability of 78%, it will turn into a company whose logo he saw on the banner. And all because consumers when making a purchase, have more confidence in well-known brands.


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Banner advertising increases awareness
If you offer any kind of novelty in the market, which is not familiar to potential buyers, than banner advertising is ideal for this task. It is pretty simple: it is enough just to show potential customers all the benefits from the purchase of this new product and the resulting interest will be prompt to make a purchase, or at least to increase awareness
Banner advertising increases consumer loyalty
As we said earlier, banner advertising for the site solves the branding problems. The more frequently users see your ads on Internet open spaces,more oyal and with great confidence they will relate to your brand. All this is shown on a subconscious level, if you analyze yourself, then realise that You did the same, and not just once.
Banner ads increase traffic to a site
If you position the network as the Internet market, then the sites are trading platforms. Imagine that in the entire market no buyer comes to your side.Banners lead to your trading platform the target audience, thereby increasing it is attendance, and therefore profits. But correctly designed banner provided from the point of view of the psychological manipulation of the public
Banner advertising increases the demand for the product
It is no secret that we all «love with eyes». With proper feeding through banner advertising, you can increase the level of demand for the advertised product. Especially when you advertise something seasonal, whether the air conditioner in the heat of summer or winter tires in a blizzard.

Cost of banner advertising:

✘ € - Budget paid GDN for display of banners
Context - Display Network provides services for displaying advertising banners for a certain cost. The budget depends on the targeting, the term of the advertising campaign and other nuances for each individual campaign. This budget, the customer pays directly to the GDN itself in which the campaign is conducted.
30 € - The cost of drawing 1 banner
*The cost can vary depending on the size and number of banners. Speaking on the example of (GDN) GoogleAdWords, then the system has a personal list of requirements for the banners, from their size, and the last, text on them. All the nuances of design known only to specialists in the field, not to mention the psychological factors impact on consumers
35% of the budget of the GDN - Cost of specialists
To make banners for the website and brought to you the desired result, to set up and subsequently maintain the Google Display Network advertising campaign, should be experts. For the provision of these services, specialists from Studio Webmaster take 35% of the budget paid directly by the system in which the campaign is conducted.
50 € - The minimum amount of payment for work professionals
If the budget is paid by the GDN for an advertising campaign, amounted € 120 for example, than 35% of this amount will be 42 €. In such a situation, the cost of professional services from company Studio Webmaster will be 50 €. And in the specific case, the total cost of banner advertising for the client will be 170 €
The beauty of banner advertising is the ideal ratio : price - the result. You always know what to get from the invested funds! That is why, the cost of banner advertising, as compared with other image advertising tools, perfectly compensates by increasing the demand for the product that is being promoted.
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