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Creating an online store Mimosa


The purpose and objectives of the project

The specialists were tasked with creating and improving the site. It was necessary to implement all the tools for creating an online flower shop that allow users to easily and quickly place orders. The catalog of goods should be presented with the main types of gifts. Since the flower site needed to be large, in order to make it easier for users to search and place an order, it was necessary to introduce feedback forms, internal search, filters and various buttons.


The creation of an online store was improved by our specialists. A “Personal Account” was added to the site header, with the help of which it was possible to track what was ordered. It became possible to add to the “Basket” and “Favorites” and find out if this product is available. buttons "order a call" and "ask a question". Added feedback form, subscription form and feedback form. The catalog is presented by the main categories of gifts. The flower site contains a large number of pages, embedded buttons, contact forms and filters help users quickly and easily find products and place orders. Thanks to the advanced search, the buyer can find the right product, pay online both in his personal account and without registration. For convenience, the buyer can order a call back or write to the support service. The customer wanted to be able to do it through the site content management system (CMS) on their own.

In our case, you will be able to study in detail how we completed the order for the flowers website.

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