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Creation of a site of the company Zorile


Zorile S.A. – the company producing and selling shoes in Moldova

Zorile S.A. is a moldovan manufacturer of quality shoes. In the company stores there is a large range of men's, women's and children's footwear for all ages. A recognizable domestic brand manufactures and sells shoes for the whole family with a great experience that exceeds 70 years of activity. Over the years, the company has been well-known for high quality footwear and a variety of models for all ages.



Tasks requiring solutions

It was necessary to implement a home page with 5 blocks of information. When clicking on it the customer is sent to pages or websites: zorile.md/cena-i-kachestvo/new/, zorile.md/nationalnii-centr-obuvi/, zorile.md/zorile- roller-drome-distractie-pentru-intraga-familie / new /, ztower.md, zitymall.md. It was important to introduce internal search, feedback forms and social networking buttons. The task was also to add a block for the “information disclosure” section.

Efficient solutions

When developing the design, a home page with 5 blocks with images we introduced the ability to visit the corresponding page or website. The menu was introduced with a drop-down list including: “price and quality”, “national shoe center”, “Ztower”, “Zity mall” and “Rollerdrome”. An internal search, feedback form and social networking buttons (facebook) were added as well. We added a block for the “information disclosure” section and a detailed catalog of shoes for men and children.

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