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Creation of a site of the company Tronex-Com


Creating a small website

We had to develop an informative web resource with a fixed site header. It was necessary to divide the menu into 4 categories by main types of products and services. In the first three categories it was necessary to place goods with pop-up tables with all characteristics of the goods. When clicking on the logo the surfer has to be sent to the main page. The internal search introduction was also one of the tasks of the customer.

Solutions that have been implemented

In addition to the internal search in the fixed header, we added a list of partner suppliers offering high-quality products. Each product has a pop-up table with characteristics that allows visitors to explore the material and quickly select the right one. In the "services" section you can find the list of services provided by the metal products processing company. As a result, the customer received the creation of a high-quality website.

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