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Creation of a site of the company Transport Persoane


“Transport Persoane” - a company for passenger transportation in Europe

Transport Persoane is an enterprise organizing international bus trips, transportation of passengers, parcels, packages, as well as vehicle rentals of any type. The company offers Europe bus trips crossing all the main center and west mainland transport roads. France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria Italy and Slovakia are the main routes that are used to carry out bus trips from Europe to Moldova and back.


Transport Persoane

Main goals

The specialists were tasked to develop a website with an attractive design. It was necessary to introduce feedback and ticket booking forms. The site’s heading should contain “questions and answers”, “offers”, “news”, “cooperation” sections, social networking buttons, contact details, the website menu and the “request a call back” button. The main sections of the site menu should be presented with drop-down lists.

Effective solutions

All necessary feedback and ticket booking forms were introduced so that any visitor could quickly and comfortably view the desired trip and book tickets. The information is divided into sections of the basic company services, with detailed pages. On each detailed page we introduced the form “order a call back”. Google map was added to contact page as well. At the exit the customer received an attractive, informative and user-friendly web site.

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