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The development of the Tessa website


Glorinal Service SRL is a representative of beauty industry

Glorinal Service SRL is a company specializing in the hairdressing art of the TONI & GUY English school. The company owns a network of boutiques, a car park, warehouses, a specialized store, a training center, nail studio, a specialized rehabilitation room, scalp and hair care. Glorinal Service SRL (Tessa) builds its work as a large concern, engaged in equipment, accessories, professional products and professional training in the field of beauty industry.



The main tasks for the developer

The customer has given a number of tasks on the structure and navigation before creating a website. It was extremely important to think over the structure of the Internet resource so that users could find the necessary information about the company, the list of services and the catalog of goods easily and quickly. Internal website search introduction and feedback form creation are one of the basic tasks on development of the website.

As a result we created a quality website

We had to sSimplify the search and provide users with the opportunity to communicate. Those were the customer’s requirements that Studio Webmaster specialists performed at a high level. The site is characterized by informative and convenient structure and detailed division of services, products and training. Also there is information about the company’s new projects, gallery, and contact details on the website. As a result the client received an effective tool for attracting customers.

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