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Website development for DKV Euro Service


SWAN SRL - DKV Euro Service official representative in Moldova

DKV Euro Service is the European leader in the field of providing automobile and bus transportation on the way by non-cash payment. DKV offers more than 54 000 filling and service stations in 42 European countries, and high quality products oriented on consumers’ everyday needs. With SWAN you can pay for road fees, auto repair and car wash services throughout Europe.


DKV Euro Service

Tasks that needed to be accomplished

The customer set the task to develop an attractive website design and a convenient and informative web resource. The section of services should be divided into 4 categories with subcategories. The introduction of internal website search is one of the most important tasks set by the customer. It was also necessary to introduce a feedback form, add a list of necessary phone numbers for different situations.

The solutions that gave results

The introduction of website header, a slide with photos, a feedback form and internal search made it possible to make the site user-friendly. All services of the company are .itemized and divided. The news presented on the website and services with "read more about the service" buttons provide all the necessary information on control of transportation costs and opportunities with DKV Card in various situations.

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