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Creating a site for StarPizza pizzerias


Assigned tasks

Studio Webmaster specialists were tasked with developing a responsive design. The website header, as well as the entire site, should be presented in red and green colors with the introduction of callback buttons, ordering and registration / authorization. On the main page it was also necessary to add attractive informative images, a block for recommended products and a list of main dishes and drinks.

Solutions with a result

All important tools have been successfully implemented so that the user could place an order quickly and easily. The menu of products is presented in the side list, the first category “pizza” has subcategories, for example, novelties or vegetarian. A candidate’s questionnaire has been introduced in the “work” section, a “sign up” button has been introduced in the “secret customer” section. Feedback and checkout forms, social networking buttons were also added. At the exit, the customer received a site with an attractive and selling design.

In our case, we described in detail the process of developing a website for a restaurant, we recommend that you familiarize yourself.

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