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Website creation for SMM Studio


The Agency for Promotion in Social Networks

SMM STUDIO is an experienced company in the Moldovan market providing promotion services in social networks. The team of specialists is always ready to determine the goals, objectives of the project and the target audience to select a marketing plan and monitor the promotion effectiveness. SMM STUDIO Professionals provide feedback to consumers, build a promotion strategy and work for an efficient result.


SMM Studio

The tasks assigned to specialists

The task was set to create a website where surfers can both learn the necessary information on the social network promotion, and apply for a callback. When developing the design and the site itself, it was necessary to take the corporate style of the company into account. Also we had to introduce the blog, feedback, "submit application" buttons and buttons of social networks.

The decisions that gave results

We divided the information on the website by sections, added lists and the necessary buttons for filing an application and social networks. These decisions made the website informative and efficient. The website presents interesting statistics, work examples, customer reviews and a blog. After each block with the information we introduced the "submit an application" button, the simple form that allows users to fill it in easily and quickly.

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