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The development of the mobile application Rupor4you


Rupor4you – application for those who care

The developed IOS application was designed to give everyone the right to vote. The application can be used in order to confess about a crime, injustice or discrimination, but also to share the positive experience of service etc. All you need to do – to upload appropriate photo or video materials, with a short legend. Did they refuse to give you the receipt at the market? Does the kindergarten forcibly collect money under the guise of a charity contribution? If you are facing a similar violation or want to share a nice service in a public institution, then this application is exactly what you need.

Creating rupor4you mobile app functionality
Developing language versions of the Rupor4you app
The feedback functionality of the mobile application
The implementation of the mobile application from the specialists of Studio Webmaster

Assigned tasks

The task was to develop an application with an intuitive interface for the system of operation Android 5 and higher; iOS 10 and higher. Because Rupor4you supposes a large covering of audience, it was important that the application to be understood by all the people, it does not matter, the age, sex or social status. Every time you access the application, there needs to appear the splash screen (logo and loader – in order to be clear that the application is loaded).

The solutions proposed by the experts from Studio Webmaster

The design of Rupor4you is characterized by the easiness of perception and by the efficient interaction of the user with presented informations. The settings are simple and clear, adding informations regarding an illegal act is not complicated even for inexperienced users. The results of the test have shown that Rupor4you function in a stable way on the smartphones with Android OS 5+ and iOS 10+. It was created an application – a kind of form for accepting a request from an user (through Facebook or anonymous).

Created mobile app for online Dating Rupor4you
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