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Creating a site for Nonstop company


Nonstop.md – online shop in Moldova

Nonstop.md is an online store specializing in climatic equipment, household and industrial heaters, dehumidifiers. The range of products is represented by household and industrial equipment from well-known manufacturers. The company specializes not only in the sale of goods, but also provides a number of services: installation of air conditioners, repair and maintenance of household appliances, maintenance and refueling of auto air conditioners, repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment. 



Assigned task

The primary task was to create web site with an attractive design. It was necessary to introduce in the header of the site links to the main page, contact details, line of internal search, the basket of goods. On the main page should be presented two blocks of information for top sales and new products. It was also necessary to introduce a feedback form. The footer of the site was supposed to contain social media buttons and a subscription form. 

Solutions from specialists

To buy a product, the user needs to choose one of the proposed categories in the horizontal menu, when you select a category will offer to choose one of its subcategories, in the subcategories you can already select the product itself. Once on the sub-category page, you can scroll through the products, or using the filters on the left side is simple and convenient to select only the desired products. All the wishes of the customer were taken into account and a convenient and informative online store was developed.

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