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Landing page development «Master class with Oleg Torbosov in Chisinau»


Master-class with Oleg Torbosov

Master-class from the best speaker of Business Youth from 2016. Oleg Torbososv — master in creating an effective coverage and employing productive workers. Master-class is created for those who are interested in knowing how to build a business so that it regularly brings money and how to hire productive employees who bring profit.

Master class with Oleg Torbosov

Main tasks

The main task that needed to be done by specialists from Studio Webmaster was to create a landing with adaptive design. The site header must be formed from menu, KMB logo, phone number and button “back call”. It was necessary to include the form of registration in the beginning and end of landing page. All useful information on landing page, it was necessary to distribute into blocks in accordance with requirements and wishes of the customer.

Effective solutions

Development of landing page with adaptive design was done on time. There were included: a fixed header of the site with logo and “back call” button, with form of registration and blocks with necessary information. The content structure on landing offers the possibility to know better the speaker, his master-class program and prices, quickly pass the registration and ask questions using feedback. In the end, the customer received a very simple solution, which allowed to collect the maximum number of guests and participants for this master class.

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