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Creation of online shop: tiles, porcelain stoneware and decorative panels


Main tasks

A number of tasks were set to develop the site and create adaptable design. On the main page it was necessary to add a slide with high-quality photos and a clickable button in the middle of the slide “View catalog”. The catalog of production it was necessary to present in a drop down menu. Forms of feedback, form of registration and authorization (Personal office), form of subscription, block of products that re on sale on main page, a bar of internal search — elements that also was necessary to add on site.

Solution from Studio Webmaster team

The specialists have created a resource appealing for users and available on all devices in two languages (Romanian, English). The most important and big section “catalog” contains its subcategories for more convenient viewing and ordering of necessary products. On contact page any user can write a message by completing the form of feedback. On detailed pages of products was introduced a form of quick order, indicating the area in square meters for tiles and porcelain stoneware or quantities for decorative panels, partitions and lamps. In result the client received an informative and convenient online store.

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