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The creation of a website and logo for wedding salon Happyday


Happy Day - salon of wedding, evening dresses and accessories in Chisinau

Salon of wedding, evening dresses and accessories in Chisinau Happy Day has been operating in the Moldovan market of wedding services for more than 10 years. This salon is a unique representative of such brands of wedding dresses like Casablanca Bridal, Diamante Sposa and Allure Bridals. The collection is constantly updated and has more than 100 models. In addition to wedding dresses, here you can buy exquisite evening dresses and accessories.



Assigned tasks

It was necessary to develop a redesign of the website, making it attractive to users. On the main page we should place three categories of models with high-quality images leading to more detailed pages. It was necessary to add a "watch stocks" button. Pages "about us" and the catalog should be presented in the menu with a drop-down list of subsections. In addition to the internal search in the header of the website it was necessary to implement the “favorites” and “order online” buttons.

Implemented solutions

The website was redesigned in accordance with the wishes of the customer. An internal site search, “order online” and “favorites” buttons leading to the corresponding pages were added to the website header. The color scheme of the website corresponds to the corporate style of the Salon. On the main page there is a “watch stocks” button leading to a detailed page with models of dresses. Pages "about us" and the catalog are presented in the menu with a drop-down list; a section with reviews has been added as well.

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