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Crearea site-ului pentru compania Enbio


Enbio - importer and distributor of fertilizers and crop protection products

EnBio offers solutions to ensure healthy plant growth at all stages of its development, and the ability to withstand stressful situations throughout the growing season. EnBio offers a catalog of high quality products from renowned manufacturers: biostimulants, soil conditioners, crop protection enhancers, nutrition correctors, NPK fertilizers, crop protection products. Experienced experts carefully study the proposed preparations and rely only on the most effective and high quality products.


To create a high-quality website, it was necessary to solve some problems

The main task was to develop the site and create an attractive design. It was necessary to structure the information on the site in such a way that users could easily and quickly find it. The site header must contain the logo, site menu, language bar, internal search string and contact information. The catalog had to be presented as a drop-down menu with three levels of nesting. The "Available Programs" section should be presented with a side menu on the left side with the ability to download the program in pdf format.

Solutions that brought results

As a result, the customer received a web product developed according to his requirements and wishes. The product catalog was presented in the menu by a drop-down list. Three levels of nesting, buttons "Details", a customer support block, a feedback form on the contact page, a section "Available programs" with a side menu on the left side and with the ability to download a program in pdf format - implemented solutions. The footer of the site is represented by a form for a subscription, contact information and data for invoices.

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