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Creation of a site for Defro


"Diversified enterprise DEFRO" is a manufacturer of solid fuel boilers

S.R.L. "TERMOPLUS GRUP" is the official representative of Defro in Moldova. The company is the largest producer of solid fuel boilers in Poland. The advanced line of boilers is automatic coal-fired boilers, the most economical and convenient to maintain. "TERMOPLUS GRUP" offers a wide range of high-quality boilers, radiators, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, copper and brass pipes and fittings from a Polish manufacturer.



Assigned tasks

The task was to develop website with an attractive design. The website menu should be presented in 6 sections, 5 of which should contain drop-down lists. On the main page it was necessary to add a slide with high-quality bright images. It was also important to introduce a contact form and social networking buttons. In the “news” and “boilers” sections it was necessary to add side menus and a table with the exchange rate.

Solutions from experts

The site was designed with an attractive design in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. The website menu with drop-down lists was introduced. Each category in the “News” and “Boilers” sections contains a side menu and a table with the exchange rate. In order to make the resource informative, the information was distributed in 6 blocks. We successfully introduced feedback forms and social networking buttons (facebook, twitter) as well. At the exit, the client received a quality product.

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