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Creating a site for Damidor


"SC Damidor" SRL – the company engaged in international shipping

The main activity of Damidor SRL is aimed at the implementation of international freight. Over time, the company began to provide logical solutions in the field of air and maritime transport. It is a member of the International Carrier Association, which allows transportation with a TIR Carnet (international road transport). The company has its own fleet, all trucks have insurance and GPS navigation.




Assigned tasks

The primary tasks were: creating website with an attractive web design and logo design. It was necessary to introduce a slide with photos on the main page, a block for basic services and a “ask a question” button leading to the contact page and feedback form. The services page should be a structured list with high-quality images and small descriptions with “more” buttons leading to detailed pages.

Efficient Solutions

Our specialists have developed a website with an attractive design and a logo in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the corporate style of the company. On the main page we introduced: a slide with high-quality images, information blocks about basic services and a button “ask a question”. The structured services page allows to study the information in detail quickly and easily. At the exit, the customer received a convenient and informative resource for visitors.

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