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Creation of a site of the company Competition advocacy

Company for the support of economic agents in Sholdaneshti, Moldova

The Competition Advocacy Network is carrying out its activities in the field of advocacy, including promotion of information on the competition benefits and informing public about the progress of competition policy. The main principle of the company is to promote the principles of free competition, to identify the reasons impeding the implementation of the competitive process.


Competition advocacy


Tasks that needed to be accomplished

The primary task was to create a landing page with 5 blocks of important information. Landing Page should be accessible to users of computers, tablets and mobile devices. It was necessary to implement a website header with a logo, contact details and a language panel. The customer wanted to see the "contact" button leading to the feedback form at the top of the website.

Solutions that gave the result

Information was divided into "about us", "goals", "activity", "achievements" sections and feedback form. Feedback is focused on easy and fast completing the form. In the "achievements" block appears a list when clicking on "active projects" and "implemented projects",. Simple, informative and convenient lending contains all the necessary information for users. In the end the customer received a convenient and attractive website.

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