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Creation of a site of the Comertbank


Comertbank S.A. - Moldavian bank with branches in Chisinau and Balti

Comertbank S.A. is a contemporary European company of high quality service level providing comprehensive trustworthy financial help to customers. It offers a full range of banking and financial services in the Republic of Moldova focusing on advanced banking services. For 25 years, the Bank has been guided by the principles of speed and quality in providing services.




Tasks assigned to specialists

The client set the task of developing a website with an adaptive design. In addition to the basic tools, the website header should have a “Bank Online” button with a drop-down list and buttons for the sizing of the text. Each section of information should contain a sidebar on the page. It was necessary to introduce feedback and subscription forms, a site map and Google map, social networking buttons. On the main page it was important to add a slide with photos, a currency converter and an online calculator.

Effective decisions

A high-quality website with responsive design was created. The website header is represented by the logo, the menu of the site, the internal search, the buttons for the text sizing and the “Bank Online” with a drop-down list. Each section contains a side menu, a slide with photos, a currency converter and an online calculator. They are implemented on the main page. Feedback forms, subscriptions and maps have been added as well. Creating an attractive and convenient website was the main goal that has been achieved.

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