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Website development CadouriOnline


Main tasks

Our specialists were tasked with creating the site, developing a responsive design and logo. It was necessary to introduce all the tools of the online store, which allow users to place orders quickly and easily. The catalog of goods must be represented by the main types of gifts. Since the website must be huge, in order to simplify the process of searching and placing orders for users it was necessary to implement feedback forms, internal search, filters and various buttons.

Efficient solutions

An online store was developed with an adaptive design and logo in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. The registration and authorization forms, the buttons “order a call” and “ask a question” were introduced in the website header. We added a feedback form, subscription form. The catalog is represented by the main categories of gifts. The website contains a large number of pages, buttons, contact forms and filters to help users in finding products and placing orders quickly and easily.

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