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Development of a website for Banusbuilding by Studio Webmaster


Main tasks for implementation

Creating a website and developing a design were the main tasks that were assigned to Studio Webmaster specialists. It was necessary to make the main page attractive by introducing several pieces of information with the “learn more” buttons, with benefits and a slide with high-quality photos. The “about us” page in the menu should be presented with a drop-down list. Feedback form, social networking buttons and Google map are tools that were also important to implement.

Effective solutions

Our individual approach provided an effective result. The website became an informative and convenient resource with an attractive design. The menu contains sections with the necessary information like: services, projects, investments, management. We introduced the internal site search, a feedback form, social networking buttons and Google map. The convenience of the resource, the information content and availability of the necessary tools make the resource attractive to users.

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