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Creating a site for Avantaj-AV company


Tasks assigned to specialists

The task was to develop a website with a design that matches the corporate style of the company. The website header should be represented by an internal search, a menu with drop-down lists. The information on the website is divided into 10 sections. It was necessary to introduce a Google map on the contact page. In the bottom of the site, we added a block for a small description of the company, contact details, a social networking button, FAQ sections, “sale”, “about us” and “contacts”.

Result-oriented solutions

All wishes and requirements of the customer were taken into account; a website with a design in the corporate style of the company was developed. An internal search, Google map, site menu in a header with drop-down lists was introduced as well. To create an informative and convenient site the information was divided into the following sections: “about us”, “sale”, FAQ, “pavement tiles”, “doors”, “windows”, “tile”, “furniture”, “wood” and contacts. Each product category has its own subcategories. The website also has a chat.

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