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Creation of a site of the company Arabadji


Arabadji fashion brand in Moldova

The main goal of Arabadji is to create a large recognizable brand not only in Moldova, but abroad as well. The company's specialists create clothes that everyone can find special and interesting. Stylish models from the spring-summer, and autumn-winter collections are represented by various options. Each model of clothing can emphasize the individuality of the client.




Main tasks for implementation

Studio Webmaster specialists were tasked to create adaptive website design, a logo and a full brand book. It was necessary to make a template for the design of business cards, envelopes and letterhead. When developing the website it was important to take all specifics of the company into account, to introduce the catalog of collections and to add the "shop now" section. Also the task was to introduce the elements of the online store: a basket of goods and an order form.

Solutions that brought results

We successfully introduced order forms, a basket of goods and a catalog of clothes, divided into collections. Forms of registration and authorization, buttons of social networks were also introduced. We added news sections and a page for video. When clicking on the logo the user is sent to the main page from any other page. All tasks were completed on time, according to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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