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Creation of site for Aquaterra Sport School and spa

Aquaterra Hotel and SPA

What tasks have been established?

Studio Webmaster team had to create website to attract new customers and maintain a high status of the company in the sports community of Moldova. The unique design, impeccable quality of graphic elements, smooth and stable animation, the correctness of the site in Russian and Romanian, the form of subscription, feedback — all these are only an insignificant part of the technical task and wishes from the client.

Our solution

We have developed a unique website design and logo, focusing on the corporate colors of the company in three language solutions. Aquaterra Sport School combines creativity, sports and entertainment, so it gives birth to true leaders. This is the message we concluded in the design of the site, combining it with high-quality rich photographs from real classes in the school. In addition, we took care of the stability of the resource 24/7: the programming was performed by experienced specialists, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the site even in high traffic conditions. All modules specified in the technical task are implemented correctly, the project was delivered on time.

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