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Minimum amount is possible to create an on-line store?

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As such, the site with necessary facilities and its price are presented here "design of the internet store".

However, of course something can be removed and the price will be at a minimum of 300-400 €, but it should be take into account the fact that the functional capacity will decrease as well, that is in direct proportion to the amount of income you will receive. That is, the more you have invested first so therefore you will get more profits and results in the future. Because for your potential customer, will be easy and fun to use just your site. And he will come back to you again and again. But if the site will contain a minimum of functions, it simply will merge into a faceless mass of other Internet sites. In this case, the loss will be more than you are able to save money for creation of site.

Read the "How to open an online shop?" article for more details.

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