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What is AmoCrm?

AmoCRM - is a system for working with a customer base, in which you can record all information about customers and cooperation with them. With the correct application of this system, you will definitely not lose contacts, contracts, previous and current tasks. AmoCRM provides the ability to connect all channels that attract leads and automatically fills in all this data. All potential and existing customers who call your company, leave a request on the website, call and contact your specialists through various instant messengers and social networks are automatically saved in AmoCRM. The main goal of integrating amocrm - crm systems for the sales department - is to create an automated unified system that works to retain customers, build long-term relationships with them, and attract new customers.

Who needs the AmoCRM CRM system?

This CRM system is needed for all companies whose sales are characterized by a long cycle. If you have a regular retail outlet - offline store, you don't need a CRM system. In this case, customers come in, shop, and leave immediately.

CRM system AmoCRM is badly needed by the B2B (business-to-business) niche, but it will also be useful for B2C (business-to-consumer). If we list the main business niches where the introduction of amocrm is necessary, then we can highlight:

  • construction firms, construction companies;

  • companies selling various kinds of equipment;

  • training centers;

  • service centers;

  • networks of fitness clubs and centers;

  • jewelry salons (custom-made, sales);

  • consulting agencies;

  • tour firms and tour operators;

  • IT companies and marketing agencies;

  • real estate agencies, etc .;

By means of the CRM system AmoCRM, the cost of which pays off in the first 4-6 months of its use, the sales cycle is shortened in time due to the fact that it is built in stages and task-wise in the optimal order.


AmoCRM integration with your company's website - what will it give?


  • Automatic saving of all outgoing and incoming contacts with clients, regardless of the communication channel.

  • Display of all current and previous transactions, current and previous tasks in a clear funnel format, where you can see the stage, budget, start date, project manager, and contact channel.

  • Displaying a list of all tasks, for the ease of work of the department/company in order to avoid workload and delivery of projects on time.

  • Tracking projects that have ongoing outstanding tasks or their absence.

  • Detailed analytics on work with clients, closed deals, completed tasks, deadlines, and other aspects.

Integration with the AmoCRM system provides the ability to interact with customers, simplifying the work of managers. As a result, tasks are not lost, projects are delivered on time.

In AmoCRM, you can display the main metrics by which work with clients is assessed:

  1. Number of tasks already completed and overdue;

  2. Number of transactions/projects by employees;

  3. Number of transactions/projects with or without outstanding tasks;

  4. The percentage of the completed plan for a certain period of time;

  5. Outgoing and Incoming calls, conversations with clients and their duration;

  6. The current state of customer loyalty (NPS indicator - Net Promoter Score, an indicator of customer readiness to recommend your product/service / company).

Additionally, there is the possibility of individual metrics depending on the niche (lists, graphs, tables). Information can be displayed for the entire department/company or for a specific sales manager.

Main blocks in AmoCRM

Basic blocks in AmoCRM

  1. Deals / Projects - all deals/projects are withdrawn in the form of funnels, where you can see at which stage the deal/project is.

  2. Buyers / Clients - with amocrm it is easy to track constantly arriving clients/buyers.

  3. Tasks - displayed as a list with filters by type and status; if this list is configured correctly, tasks after completion are automatically sent to the next stage.

  4. Customers in the format of a list with contacts and company names, in addition, you can add lists with individual services/products.

  5. Mail - correspondence with clients (an employee's working mail or general mail of the sales department can be configured, such as sales- / info- @

  6. Analytics (sales analysis, report on transactions/projects, report on clients/buyers, report on managers/employees / consultants, calls, goals, and other aspects that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the department/company)

  7. Setting - available to the account administrator. Through the settings, you can connect additional features, configure access for users, etc.

Why is it worth contacting specialists, if you can set it up yourself?

Of course, you can set up AmoCRM yourself in a couple of hours, but in fact, the effect of it will be zero, or you can spend a year on training and effective configuration with a possible positive result. But, if you want your sales department and the company as a whole to work more efficiently in 40 working days, feel free to contact us at Studio Webmaster.

  • We will implement it in 40 working days;
  • Let's make the necessary settings;
  • Set up the required reports;
  • We will train employees and managers of your company.

AmoCRM — is an accessible and convenient system for the work of your managers, in which you can easily connect IP telephony and corporate mail, integrate with the company's website. By ordering the amocrm system, the price of which in Studio Webmaster suits you, you will receive an effective tool for sales growth. For more information please contact us.

Date of publication : 11.12.2020
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