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The creation of a commercial website

Creating a commercial site – it is one of the main directions in the development of web portals. The main purpose of such resources — to obtain benefits for company: increase in profit or growth of other commercial indicators. A business site is an instrument of sale and publicity. The better its structure reflects the specifics of commerce, the greater the return on such a resource in the form of good ranking by search engines.


The main types of business sites and their purpose

Type of site

  • Corporate site. This is an Internet resource for business, direct representation of the company on the Internet. The creation of this kind of commercial site always speaks of the company’s great influence in the market segment. A well-designed corporate website builds trust among both existing customers and future ones.

  • Online shop. It has a rather complex structure that has both the main menu and the sub-menu, and such nesting levels can be either double or triple (depending on the number of goods / services, categories / subcategories). Online store development is done in the first place to sell a great amount of goods and can reach up to 100 or even 1000000 pages and more. Also, an online store should have a huge Arsenal of modules for convenience and close contact with the user, such as: implementing a chat bot, a question-answer module, a guest book module, and many others.

  • Site business card. This site has a pretty simple structure and contains usually 1-3 pages. The main purpose of this site is to provide a general information about company on the Internet in order to attract the attention of visitors and to inform them. This type of site is essentially a business card on the Internet and consists of a main page with general information about the company, a page with contact details and a section with general information about the goods/services provided.

  • Landing page. It is a one-page website that aims to sell products provided on one page. The peculiarity of creating a commercial website landing page is that all functions and modules of the site are placed on a single main page. Such a site takes a small amount of time to develop and is suitable for starting an Internet business.

  • Site-catalog. The popularity of creating a site-catalog is due to its ease of development and the ability to inform potential buyers and partners about the products offered. The main structure of the site catalog is: information about the company, business direction, catalog of goods / services, contacts.

What information a commercial site should contain when creating it?


Since websites of this kind are tailored for sales, the texts on their pages and the design should push them to buy and keep the potential client on the site as long as possible. Optimization and filling the resource with unique content, as well as the development and implementation of design can be ordered from an IT company that provides complex services.

So, what data can be placed when developing commercial sites:

  • Information about company. A brief history of founding, your goal and mission, a description of the management structure etc.;

  • Contact details. Usually they are indicated in the “header” of the website and in the corresponding section (Contact Us or Contact Information): address, phone numbers, email, fax, links on pages on social media and others;

  • Description of advantages. Let your visitors know what will they get if they use your products /services. It is necessary to indicate only specific facts and a minimum of incomprehensible definitions such as “innovative technologies”.

  • Price-list. If you sell products or provide services with fixed prices, be sure to include them. This will allow the potential client to quickly make a decision in your favor.

  • Catalog. If you sell or produce a large assortment of goods, then you can add them to the site, indicating the exact characteristics, description and cost. By ordering a commercial website, you get an additional sales channel and the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Advantages of developing a commercial website

Design of a commercial website

The development of a commercial website is the first step to creating a large business on the Internet, provided that all the necessary elements of the website have been created at a high level. At first glance, it may seem that the development of a commercial website is much less expensive that opening a real outlet and maintaining its operation, but this a deceptive impression. The development of a commercial web resource alone is not enough to make it profitable, it is much more difficult to promote it in search engines and take top positions after its creation.

Although commercial websites are not without drawbacks, they have a number of advantages:

  • Increase in profitability;

  • Attracting new buyers;

  • Brand promotion;

  • Formation of a positive image;

  • Customer service 24/7;

  • Informing about news, company promotions;

The portal will be of high quality and profitable only if true professionals of their business undertake its development and promotion.

The Studio Webmaster team has been professionally creating and promoting websites of any complexity since 2008. To get free expert advice and assistance in choosing a business website, contact us in any way convenient for you.

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