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Creation and development of commercial website

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Vadim Barkov Barkov Vadim
Дата Публикации: 24.08.2016
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Commercial website - is an internet project which purpose is to attract potential clients and inform them about services and goods of the company. Significant difference between commercial and ordinary website consists in a fact that the main purpose of such websites is to het more earns. Other websites are intended just to inform people about useful and meaningful news. It provides media support and nothing more. Often, this website are the part of governmental or corporate system.
The establishment of commercial and non-commercial sites


Visit card website
Corporate website
Showcase site
Online store
Creation of commercial sites

Creation of commercial sites implies the presence of the following modules:

news and articles about companies
catalogue of stores and services
portfolio and presentations
contact data
form of feedback

Depending on companies scope on the website may be additional modules, such as:


Calculator for monthly payments


Online consultatios system

Online consultatios

«Push-notifications» feature


Qualitative development of commercial website provides a number of advantages:

Attracting new customers
Promotion of goods and services
Increase in sales and expansion of business

But in order to achieve such positions in development of commercial or regular website, you need to:

Entrust the creation of commercial website to an experienced team of professionals
Outline the websites goals and objectives explaining how You want to see Your website
Constantly contact and discuss the emerging issues

How we work while creating the websites:

Pre-project analysis
Drawing up and signing TT
Design development
Launch of project

Why You need to contact us?

Studio webmaster

They trust us:

 trust us
The purpose of the website is the first thing you need to determine for yourself while developing Your web resource. If Your goal is to increas the sales, to get high attendance and brand awareness - then You need to create business website. If the main objective is to notify the person and to convey certain information, in this case the best solution is to develop a non-commercial website. In any case, the quality creation of website has a huge list of advantages! If You are interested in development of commercial websites and if You want to take it to the next level in your business development, then - contact our company! We know how to help You!