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Responsive Web Design - infographic

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Danieli Merencova Merencova Danieli
Дата Публикации: 28.06.2016
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Have You ever wonder about the factors that can influence the popularity of a website? Why some of the websites, in spite of its visual appeal and for all the variety of buttons, panels and all kinds of innovations are less popular among users than conventional intuitive websites? The answer is simple: sites with responsive design are created taking into account to all the user needs. They are comfortable to view being adapted for any device and have a lot of advantages, which we have tried to collect for You in a convenient and illustrative infographics. This infographic also includes some helpful tips, following which You will be able to create high quality, responsive web design.
responsive design

Advantages of responsive web design:

Quick loading of images, because all media files are compressed and adapted to any device of the user
High website loading speed. The server detects the device type and loads the appropriate code
Decrease in failure rate, due to the fact that responsive web design retains the functionality that does not cut and does not reduce the amount of content
Increase the number of orders and sales
Responsive design reduces the risk of falling items