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Creation promotion and site optimization

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Danieli Merencova Merencova Danieli
Дата Публикации: 27.06.2016
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Development of IT technologies is the resulting factor of the Internet users number increase.Each user oftenly uses different online sources to search for products, goods, information or services that he needs. More than 90% of the audience are turning to search engines like Google or Yandex. Services of website promotion are intended for access to this target audience.

Services which will lead you on the path to success:

1. Website creation
2. Website promotion
3. Site optimization
Creation, promotion and optimization of sites is the most important stages of creating the quality website. It means that uou would be able to get a website that will meet your expectations and will raise the marketability of your services or goods. Many people are advertised in different ways. Someone in social media who are on the radio, someone on the streets. All of these methods have a common description. Man who is walking on the road and listening to the radio may be not in the mood to buy your products or to use your services. And when he comes to Internet and enters in the search box a particular keyword, in that moment, he is more close to buy a desired product. If it will go to Your website, then it is a potential customer, which is psychologically tuned to buy. In this situation, you can immediately understand that it is important for you to have the best position in search results. Because it means that you will get a lot more chances that new customers will always come to you. Huge flow of people will be available to your website and will easily become your customers.
First step is website creation.
You need to decide what You need from your website. What features it should have? Include all this specific data in technical task for our specialists to work on it realizing your project.
Second step represents internal website optimization.
Internal optimization - is a complex of works on writing page titles, page descriptions, keywords for each page and, of course, the training of professionals of unique content.

The scheme of internal website optimization:

Semantic kernel
Text optimization
URL Structure
Content duplicates
SEO tegs
Data markup
Commercial factors
Setting og robots.txt and sitemap.xml
Internal linking
Website download speed
Third step represents external optimization
External optimization includes a complex of external processes that are needed to increase the positions in search engines. Your place in the search engine depends on the amount of external links directed on Your website. We are not talking about 10 references but hundreds of them. And it means much the value of these pages. It should be good websited with a huge reputation and great searching positions. You can try to promote Your website by yourself, but You will need a lot of time to sort things out.

Six working stages of external optimization:

Services of linkmarkets
Comments on forums and blogs
Link exchange with websited with common subject matter
Thematic article directories
Links from social networks
Ads on web boards
Creation, promotion and optimization of websites is the services that have thousands of SEO companies and studios but not all of them guarantee confidence in the result.
Head of SEO Department