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10 ways to break free from Google

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Vadim Barkov Barkov Vadim
Дата Публикации: 06.04.2016
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Previously we had seen some unpleasant events that are very difficult to understand. Especially if you are a Google user (like 65% of user from all over the world). Lots of changes had been introduced by Google management and quite not all of these new features looks great. We would like to not loose big time on displaying of all of those new things. You can find tons of articles about this on the other websites. We just want to remind you those times, when Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Alta Vista and otheк top search engine sources had been still very popular. This is not just a nostalgy about the times that are gone. Today you can find a great alternative tool if you want to break free from Google. 

Why you should leave the most popular search engine in the world? You have no need to do that if you are pretty satisfied with commonly increased taxes, policies that disturb you right on secure usage of private account and so on. 

So, lets see what are those 10 alternative search engines and how can we use them!


We would like to start evaluating the list of top sear engined in the world with Bing. This search engine was created by Microsoft and is the most useful search engine fo for working woth audio and video content. Today more that 15% of Internet users use Bing and it is the second most used search engine from all over the world. 

What other good features Bing has? This search engine has more useful autocomplete suggestions. You can use it easily and without lots of time lost on downloadings and searching for setting tools. Bing is extra useful for bying airlines tickets. It predicts the airfare grows and informs you about the better time to make a good purhcase. Also, Bing has an extra useful tool nameв link for domain that helps you to find out all the links that used by any website. As many of us knows Yahoo uses searcg engines of Bing


Do you need an increades level of security? DuckGoGO is designed for all users who want to keep theirs personal data in more secure way. It does not save any onformation about your usage of the search engine. Nobody would know what website you have visited and what documens had been downloaded. 

Say - Good bye ro Google is all-knowing and all-seeing eye. Today you can become free from annoying advertising that was formed due to the results of your internet behaviour statistics.


This search engine is the best one for finding the questions. Just ask about anything and exerts from all over the world would help you to find all known information about the main object of your questions.

Google himself tries to make such an algorithm to be possible. But Quora is much and much more perfect in this field.


From the very first view you can even not understand what the Dogpile is. But after you will remain with a thing that this sysem is the best one form web searching. It is not a search engine but a special machine that "curates" other engines and provides results without advertising and false ranking.


As you may know, Youtube for long is powered by Google. So, if you are bothered of Google algorithms you may be also disappointed  by the Youtube. What shall we do know? Use Vimeo - that would the an answer. This extra modern top search engine for video-sharing does not need an introduction, as well. It provides great videos with high resolution and has no annoying advertising about the goods you do not need.


For those who doesnt know - Yandex is the Russian search engine that has many similar services as Google. What is good in Yandex? It provides searching results in a very handy manner using favicons and special tools that show you the quality every web resource.


Our top search engine list is followed with Boardreader. This search engine is your personal analyst for any information that you need. It knows everything about every object in this world. Boardreader shows you not only the list of website where there is written something about your searching phrase. It has a special hierarchy of showing the searching results. It woul;d ask you on all your quastions.


WolframAlpha is those thing that will help you to learn any material or to resolve any problem related on physict, math and other sciences. It calculates, analyzes the content and makes maney other difficult procceses. 

Also, you should remember that WolframAlpha may look some difficult and unuseful. But, as more you practice as more you get. Try it every time you need to finf any scientific data and you will get everything you need.


This search engine is an another one that would help you to protect your privacy. It almost does not use cookies. You can set useful preferencies by your wish and use it for privat and commercial purposes. 


Our list of top search engines in the world will end with a big surprise for you! Incredibly, but Ask Jeeves still exists! Now it has become a custom computer-generated Bank of search results.

It is available in quite the same manner as it was in the past. One of the most significant changes are in right panel that shows you the most popular questions and answers for today, last hour and other periods of times. Many users say that Ask.com is not great but not even bad. It is handy and would help you to find quickly anything you need if your query is not to much complicated.