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Webmaster Studio is the best brand of the year!

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Vadim Barkov Barkov Vadim
Дата Публикации: 16.08.2017
ranking 4.95 Оценки: 19
Webmaster Studio works tirelessly to please its beloved clients. We provide services in the field of creating sites and software, as well as IT-development. Promotion of your business is a task for experienced professionals. And now our company has won another victory. Thanks to the efforts of the whole team, we became happy owners of an honorable prize. We are proud to announce that Webmaster Studio is the best Trademark of the year 2016!
the best brand
This was noted not only by our dear customers, but also by a qualified commission, which has rendered such an important verdict for the firm. Based on the companys effective activity and professional presentation, the «jury» decided to give the gold medal to Studio Webmaster! And we want to assure that this result is well deserved. Long-term efforts for the benefit of our customers were not in vain. Our company ensures that the IT-development in Moldova has reached a qualitatively new level of development.
Solemn ceremony

Solemn ceremony

The organization of the holiday was held at the highest level. Spotlights glitter, live music, presentable appearance – all this set up a victory. Defcon №1! We worried more than ever before the announcement of the results. Of course, the confidence that Studio Webmaster is the best, never leaves us, but will it be confirmed by a respected commission? One moment, a grave silence and ... a long-awaited verdict. Yes, weve got a gold medal!

To match the prestigious award, we decided to upgrade our service and to please our customers with more favorable conditions. From now on it is necessary not only to keep the Mark of the year, but also to strive for more. That way we will to confirm that Studio Webmaster is really the best in its business.