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Social life of Studio Webmaster

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Danieli Merencova Merencova Danieli
Дата Публикации: 09.06.2016
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Webmaster Studio is a young team of specialists with an active lifestyle. To see this again, it is enough to visit the regular events that the company produces. What is a real holiday? This event, when something important happens, going beyond the boundaries of everyday life and symbolizing important aspects of life. It is these principles that are observed by the friendly team of the Webmaster Studio company every time a solemn event takes place. Not so long ago, there were three such events at once - Earth Day, Day of struggle against unemployment and Childrens Day. Each memorable date was marked in a special way. On Earth Day, the entire staff of the company took part in the organized planting of trees. For this purpose, an empty territory in the park was chosen, which is located near the office of Webmaster Studio. All employees of the company were divided into groups of 2-3 people and began to plant hibiscus - a unique beauty plant, which from now on will decorate with its elegant flowers a place that has not been used in any other way. However, the care of the chosen territory is not limited only to the Earth Day. Specialists of the firm regularly provide planted care, watering the planting site, repairing the improvised fence and cleaning up the garbage that may eventually appear. Then, the Day of struggle against unemployment followed. This event was marked by the creation of a special series of photographs. The main object of each photo was a special message, in which each employee explained why he chose Webmaster Studio. As a result, we got a bright and funny photo session. Employees of the company recalled their first day in the company and many stories related to key events in the history of the company and the work itself. Childrens Day is another, wonderful holiday, which must be remembered and fun to celebrate every year. This time, on June 1, the staff of Webmaster studio was busy with gay games. Especially on this day on the territory of the company, a special dress code worked. Employees of the company came to work in multi-colored clothes, which repeated the image of the appearance of children. Thus, colorful t-shirts with pictures, big bright batniki, shorts were allowed, and the girls braided their hair in braids with bows. Employees of the company participated in contests for jumping rope, created colorful drawings on the asphalt with the help of chalk. The culmination of the festive event was a gay Mexican game - Pinata. The participants of the game had to hit their eyes closed with a closed bag of sweets. It was not very easy! After all, before each attempt, the competitor made several circles around his axis and only then had to guess the location of the target. This test passed more than half of the office staff and, in the end, the long-awaited winner of the game was still determined. And all participants of the event shared candies and sweets, without which none costs, not one of the Pinatas.