Design of packages and labels in Moldova

Service Packages
Разработка дизайна упаковки
Package #1
Creating packaging and label design
Adopted design for each type of package
Preparation before the print
Package #2
Creating the label
Creating the package deign
Photo Shooting
Design adaptation for cut package
Preparation before the print
Package #3
Creating the label + QR code + slogan
Creating packaging and label design
Photo Shooting
Design adaptation for cut package
Preparation before the print
Marketing research
What is needed from you?
for the development of packaging and labels
( in vector)
The texts
The label
( in vector)
The form of cut package
The products photo
design product packaging
Creating the main idea, suppositions view
Preparations, composing and targeting the task to designers
Reviewing the versions of package proposed by designers. Choosing the best
Testing the package design: choosing the methods of testing, elaboration the sceneries of testing, processing the results of testing
Introduction of changed options in package design and label according the customers preference
(results of testing)
Criteria of effectiveness
of the product package design
Value brand positioning strategy
Package and label design must corresponds the strategy and orientation of brand
Reflection product price positioning
Package and label design must correctly reflects the price positioning of the product ( both package and label may look higher than it's positioning presume, because the brand can increase, and noways it should not look cheaper)
Compliance with consumer expectations about the product
Package and label design must conform the customers expectations and preferences
Creating a memorable brand image
Package and label design creates and retains the unique view of brand which with the passing of time becomes the engine of sales and reduces the cost for marketing needs and advertising.
Специалист по разработке дизайна упаковки
Packaging is the beginning of our acquaintance with products. It creates an unique view of goods, that attracts us with nice design and symbolizes the brand. Good design contributes the packaging to sell the products. It is important to remember, if the design attracted customers once, they will also buy the product the second time.
The head of department of web design
Our works
The individual design of label of Lorado Chok

Customer: "Lorado". Labels for chocolate drinks. 

Creative and unique label for Andverd

Customer: "Andverd". Label for packaging of fresh greens

Individual design labels for Lorado butter

Customer: "Lorado". Label for butter.

Label for cheese "Chedder Plus"

Customer: "Lorado". Label for cheese "Chedder Plus"

Label development for Azopri

Customer: "DVA AGRO". Label for the remedy of protection for vegetables.

Development of labels for company Cocoaextra

Customer: "DVA AGRO". Label for remedy of ărotection for cocoa beans.

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