Design and creation of the online store

Convenient catalog with search and filters.
Shopping, on principle of buying in one click.
Full analytics and reports on visitors and orders.
Multi-language website
The implementation of multi-language website.
Domain name and hosting
Domain name and hosting.
Optimization for search engines module.
management of the shop
Clear and intuitive management of the shop.
Large selection of built-in modules.
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For the professional team of “Studio Webmaster” the development of the online shop is one of the priority tasks, on which the company specializes. For a long time of its existence the company has managed to develop many projects than has earned a reputation of a reliable partner of Your business. For example, we will demonstrate the steps of the work done and the final results on the base of one of the last and most important projects.

The project for creation of the online store, meant a complete re-branding and redesign of the old site.

Rich experience of design and creation of the online store as well as the researches of the impact of the design and functionality of the site on the sales growth allowed us to bring the website on the top positions of E-Commerce.

Some important solutions:

1. Contact information:

online store development


All the important contact information must be in the header. The user must not spend to much time on finding the way he can contact you.

2. Catalog of goods.

online store development in Moldova


All the goods are sorted by the categories. It allows the user to find the product he needs and not to tangle the goods.

3. Comparison of goods.

online store development by Studio Webmaster


Often the user can t decide what product he must buy because they are similar to each other and it takes too much time to compare the goods. If there is a possibility to compare the goods by some clicks it will be very useful for the user.


4. Mobile version or mobile application.

online store development Moldova

Nowadays the time which user can spend on purchases is reducing. Because of this the mobile versions of the website or mobile applications are very popular. From the point of view of sales, mobile applications are very useful because its a possibility to buy all you want any time you want not being at the computer.


Average traffic after all activities related to the design and creation of the online store.


online store development Chishinau

As you can see, after 20 days of September, when all works related to the redesign of the website, the traffic has increased significantly. This proves the importance of design and functionality in the sales growth of the online store. Studio Webmaster offers You quality service "design and creation of the online store", which will make Your business profitable.







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