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Catalog web site development for the Vanille cafe


Purpose and objectives of the project

The client set us the task of developing a website with an adaptive design, which should attract the maximum attention of visitors from the Republic of Moldova. The website contains a logo, clicking on which, the user goes to the main page. We have developed a simple order form where the user can order a ready-made cake or a custom-made cake. On the website was adapted the language panel with Romanian and Russian.


At the end of the project, the client received a ready-made online store. The header contains a logo, phone numbers, a catalog of cakes, as well as a search and language bar. The categories “Products” and Custom-made Cakes” managed to present a drop-down menu with 5 levels of subdirectories. Contact for details is also presented in the footer of the site. The customer got a beautiful, convenient and informative web resource, where can be found all the information about the Vanille cafe-confectionery.

On the case page for creating a food delivery site, we described in detail the process of working on this site.

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