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Website-portal development for Donatii in Moldova



The task was set to be a convenient site, which is convenient and informative. The internal search bar on the site allows you to quickly and easily find the information and products you need.

Project implementation:

Our team has added a new section “Blocks” so that you can get acquainted with the new information. Inside the site, our developers have introduced an engine for calculating the funds raised and the children who were helped. The site was equipped with the most innovative and diverse donation methods The customer wished to make a site with transfers and you can pay using a card, PayPal, PayNet and QIWI.After the transaction is completed, an SMS will be sent to the phone.If desired, you can call directly via a phone call.The customer wanted to be able to do it through the content management system (CMS) on his own.Our team made a number of requirements , so that Donatii can keep statistics and make it visible to search engines such as Google, Yandex, etc.

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