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Creation of a website for DeltaVist in Moldova


The purpose and objectives of the project

Tell users about the company and show your work - construction metal structures restoration and finishing works


Our team had to create a website in Moldova, or to be more precise, create a landing page to improve the website and promote the company. A “Photo Gallery” column was added to view the work and examples for implementation. A scale was added for the readiness of objects that are currently in operation for ease of use. Our team added a search engine to improve the use of the site. A feedback form was also introduced, Google Maps was added, a feedback form was added and a callback order was added at a convenient time for you. The landing page received excellent loading speed and the ability to withstand heavy loads. We also created a site engine, thanks to which you can work with the site without knowing programming. Now you can be sure that your site will not remain in the shadow bath because the team checked a number of checks for improved primary site optimization.

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