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Website development for Tehnoshop

Tehnoshop.md is an online store of equipment in Moldova

Tehnoshop.md is one of the largest online stores in Moldova. The assortment of the shop is huge, from telephones to auto products. Large selection of products in each category allows you to choose any equipment that is suitable according to the manufacturer and price. Maintaining a wide range of products and good prices can be possible not only through purchases in large quantities, but also due to their constancy. Cleverly predicting demand, Tehnoshop increases the range of services provided.



Main tasks

A team of Studio Webmaster specialists were tasked to develop a web design and create a logo. On the main page it was necessary to introduce a slide with high-quality images, to add blocks for the product of the day and news. The website header should have a login button, an internal search, a button “Call me back / Order a call” and a work schedule. In the basement of the website it was necessary to add social networking buttons, contact details and links to the main sections of the site.

Important decisions

Our specialists have developed a web site design and logo in accordance with the wishes of the customer. All the necessary tools for an online shop: a structured catalog, blocks for similar and related products, feedback forms were introduced. The buttons “Call me back / Place call”, internal search, basket, login button and work schedule were added to the site header as well. In the basement of the site we added links to the main sections of the portal and social networking buttons.

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