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Functionality of the developed mobile application Sell Hoss to order
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The creation of a useful application for Android

Tasks set by the client

It was necessary to develop an android application, which can double in a maximum way the visual composition of the main site, to help the users to adapt more easily to the mobile version. The task was to create a unique design, easy and beautiful animation when you move from one section to another, and a convenient structure that allows you to conduct logically the user to the needed action. The languages of the application: Romanian, Russian. The system of operation – Android.

The solutions proposed by the experts from Studio Webmaster

Our team of specialists have developed the functional application Sell Hoss, with a unique attractive design and an easy and clear navigation. The structure is fully consistent with the provided project and allows the users to find easily the necessary information. The application functions constantly in the system of operation Android, all graphics are displayed correctly on mobile devices with different resolutions.

Sell Hoss mobile app
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