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Creation of a site about romanian citizenship

Romanian citizenship

Assigned tasks

When developing a landing page with an adaptive design it was necessary to take the specifics of this area into account. The main task was to develop a landing page with adaptive design. At the beginning of a one-page website, it was necessary to introduce a slide with photos and benefits, “leave a request” button. Information on the site had to be divided into blocks like: “workflow”, “services”, “benefits of EU citizenship”, contacts and feedback forms.

Efficient decisions

In accordance with the wishes of the customer, an adaptive design of a landing page was created; a slide with photos and benefits, blocks for information about the working process, services and benefits of EU citizenship were introduced as well. On the landing page there are 4 buttons to submit an application leading to a simple filling form. The attractiveness and informational content of the page made it sell professional services of the company Grajdanstvo-ruminii.

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