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Creation of a site about romanian citizenship

Professional assistance and support in the preparation of documents

The Grajdanstvo-ruminii company provides professional assistance and support in the process of collecting the entire package of necessary documents for the smooth and successful receipt of a Romanian passport. With the help of true specialists, one can easily move to the EU country and reside on the territory of European foreign countries on legal grounds with all relevant rights. For issues related to obtaining Romanian citizenship, it is worth contacting professionals.


Romanian citizenship


Assigned tasks

When developing a landing page with an adaptive design it was necessary to take the specifics of this area into account. The main task was to develop a landing page with adaptive design. At the beginning of a one-page website, it was necessary to introduce a slide with photos and benefits, “leave a request” button. Information on the site had to be divided into blocks like: “workflow”, “services”, “benefits of EU citizenship”, contacts and feedback forms.

Efficient decisions

In accordance with the wishes of the customer, an adaptive design of a landing page was created; a slide with photos and benefits, blocks for information about the working process, services and benefits of EU citizenship were introduced as well. On the landing page there are 4 buttons to submit an application leading to a simple filling form. The attractiveness and informational content of the page made it sell professional services of the company Grajdanstvo-ruminii.

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