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Creation of a site of the company Qiwi


The tasks

The main task was to create an adaptive website design. It was necessary to introduce a website header with a logo, a feedback form, a slide with photos on the main page and a button "more" leading to the "about us" page. It was also necessary to add internal search, sections with drop-down menus "about us", "for users" and "for business". The task was to add all the categories of services that can be paid.

Efficient solutions from specialists

An adaptive design was developed according to all the wishes and requirements of the customer. On the right side we added a "Have questions?" feedback form. On the main page we added a slide with high-quality photos and a button "more", leading to the page "about us." At the bottom of the main page we introduced a button "access to the page" for QIWI purse. At the output, the customer received a quality and effective web resource.

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