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Website creation for PPFC company


Partnership for every child (PPFC)

We present a platform for social support for the child and family welfare in the Republic of Moldova. It is an interactive resource for communication and an information exchange tool designed to facilitate the experience exchange and continuous learning for all people interested in ensuring the well-being of children and family. This is a platform designed for professionals in the field of child and family protection, as well as for parents and children.



Main tasks for implementation

We had to create an adaptive design with a fixed website header, internal search, registration and login buttons. It was necessary to implement a slide with attractive pictures on topics, to add social network buttons and a feedback form on the main page. It was important to develop a convenient website structure and easy navigation for a comfortable search for each user.

Result-oriented solutions

The website structure was thought out by specialists who created an adaptive design. The main page presents news and events. Site header, internal search, registration buttons, input and social networks, slide with attractive thematic images, feedback form are quality website tools that have been successfully implemented. As a result the customer received an informative and convenient web site.

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