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Creation of landing page for mobile application Pollytest Game


pollytest.com — landing page for installing the game Pollytest Game

Mobile application Pollytest Game — this is an educational quiz game with over 4000 unique questions. Pollytest gamer answers a test formed by 7 questions. For each question there are 3 variants of answer, and for a correct answer the user receives a special game currency Polydor. There is the possibility to play alone or with other gamers in online mode or with friends. Polytest works and without Internet connection.


Technical task

The specialists from Studio Webmaster had the task to create a unique design for development of site's landing page, that is in total accordance with the design of mobile application. It was necessary to add on page reviews on game, buttons that lead to various pages of social network, button “Play”. Also, add buttons with links to stores App Store and Play Market. To include the information about game and of different game modes in relevant blocks.

Effective solution

After doing everything that was planned we received a product that was able to satisfy completely the customer. Landing was created in sunny, bright colors. Informational blocks were completed with necessary information. Also, we have added buttons with links on social network, buttons with links on game stores “IOS” and “Play Market”. We have added the button “Play” and “Download the game”.

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