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The development of mobile application Pollytest from Studio Webmaster


Fun and intellectual application for the whole family

Pollytest – intellectual application and for entertainment, with a lot of interesting questions on different themes. In Pollytest one player answers the test which consists of 7 questions. For each question there are 3 variants of answer, and for the correct answer, the user receives a special coin – Pollydor. The application functions also without Internet connection. The paid version and the one for free, of the developed ios application Pollytest, are different as regards the number of available questions. In the free version, there is – publicity.

Mobile app setup
Mobile App Functionality
Mobility Mobile App
The creation of a fun mobile application

Goals and objectives before the development

The main goal was to develop not only a test application, but also a special world characterized by interesting facts, new knowledges and enthusiasm. The specialists of Studio Webmaster had the task to create an available application in App Store and Play Market, with an easy to use interface and functional. It was necessary to introduce a form of authorization, a menu integrated with the basic parameters of the game. Also, for the comfort of the users, it was important to introduce the settings of the game, rating, with the possibility for the users to change the settings and to monitor the rating.

The successful implementation of all the tasks

In the end, the client received a convenient application, an interesting and exciting test with all the necessary instruments and functional for a comfortable game. After the application is installed by the user, he/she needs to pass the authorization. The registration form has three fields. After the registration is finished, the user accesses the main page of the application with the build-in menu, composed of two points: ,,New game'' and ,,Buy the paid version''. When you click on ,,New game'', there are shown the options of game, with an additional selection of the game's mode. The source of interesting and not well-known facts is the main characteric of the application Pollytest.

Pollytest mobile app
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