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Creation of a site of the company Pasager


PASAGER is a transport company in Moldova

PASAGER Company operates in the field of passenger transportation, rent of cars, minibuses and buses with drivers, excursion transportation service, business meetings and celebrations. One of the most popular ethno-cultural complexes in Moldova, VATRA, is served by pasager.md Transport Company.




The tasks assigned to Studio Webmasters

The main tasks were to introduce the menu in the header of the website to provide basic information about the company, advantages, news, contacts, passenger transportation to Vatra and the order section. There should be introduced a form of distance calculation and feedback on the website as well. We could not forget about car group division that should simplify the ordering process.

A website successfully implemented

All requirements and tasks have been taken into account and implemented. We provided a convenient and informative website with high-quality photographs of cars and buses. Each of them can be ordered by filling in personal information and planning a route. In the end the customer received a web resource that meets all the requirements and needs of users.

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