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Mobile application Opel Moldova from Studio Webmaster


Opel – official application Opel Moldova

A convenient and functional application dedicated exclusively for Opel cars and their maintenance. With its help you can register online for service, test drive, and it does not matter your real location. The application, also, allows you to estimate the price of a car before the sale, to familiarize with the range of Opel models and the current prices, to calculate monthly payments if you want to buy a car in leasing. If you have scheduled a technical inspection soon, the application will definitely remind you by sending a push notification.

Usability of the Opel Moldova mobile app
Car catalog of the mobile app Opel Moldova
Information about the car in the Opel Moldova app
Поставленные задачи и решения, реализованные Studio Webmaster

Tasks before development

It was necessary to develop an ios application repeating the concept of the desktop version of the site, namely, design, color palette (dark theme), navigation. For this, it was necessary to adapt all text and graphic elements for the mobile version. According to the terms of reference, the application must be available in Romanian and Russian languages, work on OS Android and IOS. A prerequisite is the ability to send push notifications to users.

Solutions and results

The application turned out to be informative, multifunctional, convenient. It performs all the same functions as the main resource. From the main page, visitors can easily get to the desired section due to the detailed elaboration of the structure and adaptive graphic icons that suggest the right direction for the next step. In the process of working on the project, we have implemented technologies such as GPS, ISON, Core Data. All components of the application are displayed correctly and work on various mobile gadgets (Android and IOS).

Functionality of the Opel mobile app
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