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Description of the Money Quest mobile app task

Implementation of the project by Studio Webmaster

Main tasks

We have received a request to create an application with the help of which the people from Moldova would have the possibility to obtain additional income. For this, it was necessary to develop a design , a logo, an interface in a clear way, but interesting, in English. According to the technical task, it was necessary to use all the modules and a developed structure in order to obtain an efficient interaction between the user of the application and the inspection organization.

Efficient successful solutions

We have created an unique, useful, functional application, that simplifies the process of collecting diverse statistic informations for entrepreneurs and administrators. When creating a design, the decision was made to use, for the most part, the blue color (except for white), because it contributes to the concentration of attention. During the project, we have used, especially, technologies, like: Google Maps, Camera API. The application demonstrated stable operation even under heavy traffic conditions, as well as the correct display of textual and graphic information on the screens of mobile devices with different extensions (Android, IOS). To order the development of mobile applications, fill out an application on the website or call ☎ +(373) 60-10-66-66

Developing a mobile app for additional income Money Quest
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