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Website development for Metalica Zuev


Metalica Zuev - wholesale supplier of rolled metal in Moldova

Metalica Zuev Company is one of the leaders in the wholesale distribution of metal products in Moldova. The own metal structure workshop allows to manufacture and install metal structures of a wide range, from advertising stands and to load-bearing structures for industrial and civil construction, taking all design standards into account.


Metalica Zuev


Tasks that needed solutions

The customer set the task to implement a side menu with a logo, a language panel, a feedback form and a slide with photos. The website should be informative, convenient and interesting for users. The menu should be divided into 8 categories to provide information on strategic objectives, partners, assortment, etc. The map and the feedback form were tasks that also had to be accomplished.

Effective solutions

Our specialists introduced a side menu divided into 8 categories. We added a slide with photos on the main page, a feedback form and a map. On the "about us" page we added categories with the photo gallery, information on services and production. Created website pages of the goods present tables with characteristics. As a result the customer received a quality website, convenient for users.

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